My sister and me managed pretty well,
and there weren’t any family around,
so they let us stay on in the house.
I’ve been here ever since.
Married Arthur when I was seventeen,
and he farmed a bit with me when he wasn’t logging,
but he didn’t last too long.
Stepped on a nail and got blood poisoning.
Never had time to have a baby,
and never wanted another man, after Arthur.

My sister left here right after Gram died,
went out west and never came back.
I hear she’s dead now, too.

I’ve kept things up pretty well, I’d say, like Gram did.
Still have hens, the flowers, and pumpkins and beans and that.
I spend all summer out in the yard.
I don’t like winter so much.
The house feels cramped then,
what with the imps and all,
but I keep busy, keep things tidy.
Gram would have wanted it that way.


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