Please check one:

___This is the Archetype of Poetry: heavy and shining,
it fills ours hearts with song
it sets us yearning for the green hills of Heaven
it makes us want to love every one, every thing we see
it is giving us the courage to do what we can to change the world
it is much too good for our paltry publication. We will get back to you when we’re worthy.

___This is a fine poem.
Clearly you have the vision, you have the gift,
and yet we have no room for it in our current publishing schedule.

___This has potential.
Keep up the good work.
Keep sending us things.
Thank you.

___Perhaps you should try another kind of writing:
Greeting Cards?
Manuals for Toaster Ovens?
Good luck.

___We don’t publish stuff like this.
Please remove our name from your mailing list.

___Who in the world told you you could write?
Your work sucks.
Get a job;  get a life.


I wrote this years ago.  Don’t ask me why.

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