Step on a hairball first thing
and nobody ever hangs up the towels.
Nothing is right: the tea pot
dribbles, mouse poop
in the toaster.

Two chin hairs.
Dirty glasses
and why does the yellow cat
scatter litter?

If they aren’t pokey,
they’re tailgating
and why do they idle
at the ends of their driveways
with their cars full of kids
too lazy to stand for the bus?

The pencil sharpener chews one side
and that damned dog keeps barking
one two three
one two three
one two three

Freezer burn,
leaky molasses
and the piano’s out of tune.

Somebody forgot
to buy milk
and it wasn’t me.

What’s with the ATM
and the guy with coupons
in the Express lane?
Can’t anybody count?

There’s nothing to read around here
but dusty thrillers
and old Flying magazines
and now even the moon
is crowded out with clouds.



One comment on “CRANKY

  1. It's just Maggie says:

    OMG … I thought someone was listening to and watching me the other day 🙂
    You nailed the feelings perfectly. Thank you …. and now say g’bye to the mully-grubs and get on with the day.
    Strong hug from me to thee.

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