Yesterday we identified some of the way forward — Wolfowitz

Then my responsibility is to name a convening authority.
So I have already named the convening authority.
The convening authority will be Rear Admiral James McGarrah.
And that’s M-C–G-A-R-R-A-H.
He’s a rear admiral.
He is a reservist.
and he will be heading up our office,
the office I talked to the last time,
the ORDEC (ph) office,
the office that deals with the annual review process.
He will be the officer heading that office.

he in turn will be naming people next week;
naming people for the tribunal,
naming people for the recorder,
naming the personal representatives.
So those individuals will be named beginning early next week.

That decision will be made by the tribunal.
So again, three people in a tribunal, they will make that decision.
That decision will then go to the convening authority.
The convening authority, Admiral McGarrah,
will then be able to accept the decision
or send it back for further deliberations. . .

So this process will be very similar in some ways to the ARB (ph).
That is, it will be a fair process;
we’ll look at all the data dealing with their classification
as an enemy combatant;
it will be a neutral board.
So it will be a thoughtful exercise to make sure it is fair.
We will look at all the data available regarding their classification.
And the standard, again, will be reasonableness.
It will be what would a reasonable person conclude.



~found in correspondence from the Department of Defense

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