So friends, when you come together
to wait upon God, come orderly
in fear of God;
the first that enters
into the place of your meeting,
be not careless,
nor wander up and down,
either in body or mind,
but innocently
sit down in some place,
and turn in thy mind
to the light,
and wait upon God singly,
as if none were present
but the Lord.

Then the next comes in,
let them in simplicity of heart
sit down and turn
in the same light,
and wait in the Spirit;
and so all the rest coming in,
in the fear of the Lord,
sit down in the pure stillness
and silence of all flesh.
and wait in the light.

~A. R. Barclay, Letters &c of Early Friends (London, 1841)
found in Albion’s Seed by David Hackett Fischer


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