(More of the Dada Cathechism.)

What is the New Covenant?
The Periodicity of Oceanic Oscillations and Implications for Recreational Opportunities.

What did the Messiah promise in the New Covenant?
Hypothesis, hypnosis, fixation:  the breathless anticipation of Whales, a yellow lab eating cherries off a tree, a baby on the side of the road.

What response did Christ require?
A cheap yellow graduation dress bought in a discount store that smells of formadehyde.

What are the commandments taught by Christ?
Keep bottles of water in the basement against the storm.  In your bag, a flashlight and aspirin so Death will not catch you empty handed.

What is the Summary of the Law?
A comforting dream of blooming orchards and castles with gardens full of roses and singing bees that never sting.

What is the New Commandment?
A narrow bench with odd legs upon which to set displays of geraniums in silver bowls.

Where may we find what Christians believe about Christ?
Only through osier forests like those where the little ones come riding.


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