What do we learn about God as creator from the revelation to Israel?
That someone will finally comprehend what the Dark Energy does and come up with a plan to thwart it.

What does this mean?
It’s means God is like a shipwrecked sailor, washed ashore on a green island where a lady found him and warmed him between her thighs.

What does this mean about our place in the universe?
It means we’re like three women fishing:  an old grandmother, a mom in green shorts, a buxom young redhead who lost her float.

What does this mean about human life?
It means that it’s like the undersides of boats at a marina—boats put up for winter, cracked keels, chipped paint, crud, flies and spiders in the sails.  Chained and padlocked ladders, stolen oars.

How was this revelation handed down to us?
Through a branch of balsam caught like a fishbone in a lilac bush.  Babies dressed like Christmas dolls.  Mushrooms like seashells.

~from the Dadaist Catechism

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