What are the creeds?
Mothers with swollen bellies, climbing up through the branches, above the flood, to wait for the time.

How many creeds does this Church use in its worship?
This Church uses two creeds: An Airport in Canada with Nothing Good to Read and No Money for Coffee and A Stink Bug Laying Eggs on a Sheet on the Clothesline.

What is the Apostles’Creed?
A small child crouched in a summer meadow, weeping because the world has turned sideways and no one will tell her the truth.

What is the Nicene Creed?
A child riding a toy motorcycle as he waits for the ferry to Digby.

What, then, is the Athanasian Creed?
Synchronicities—flocks of birds, people clapping, leaving parties, a whole grand sisterhood.

What is the Trinity?
Easter communion bread stuck in my throat.  My grandmother’s tears.  “Breath of the People, blow down the walls, O breath of the people, blow!”
From the Dadaist Catechism

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