What is prayer?
The OneThing, stark, without edges, holding all things equal within its limitless infinite arc.

What is Christian prayer?
Two women in filthy pants, high boots, two tired women, up all night with lambs.

What prayer did Christ teach us?
A solemn dance to some obscure string quartet while strewing cherries and golden popple leaves.

What are the principal kinds of prayer?
The little V of concern marked for years now on my mother’s forehead, the birder’s squint around Bea’s eyes, my sister’s endlessly surprised eyebrows.

What is adoration?
Ritual, candles, scented air, good things to eat and drink, only with everyone on a tricycle.

Why do we praise God?
Maybe for red underwear, or air the shape of a body sliding across our skin.

For what do we offer thanksgiving?
A message on the answering machine explaining that your daughter has run away with a poet and will not be home for dinner, or ever again. That pain in your hips that awakens you at 4 am. and you can’t find a comfortable position and while you’re twisting there, wakeful, all the cats come and lick your face and knead whatever part of you is trying to be still. A brown paper bag filled with false moustaches.

What is penitence?
The kind of spring morning when you wake up knowing you’ll have lots of energy and get everything done and then you step out of bed onto a fresh hairball the cat coughed up while you were having a romantic dream of William Shatner or possibly Lucille Ball.

What is prayer of oblation?
Stones so old the glacier couldn’t have brought them.   Stones older than the moon.

What are intercession and petition?
Intercession is walking toward a shadow.  Petition is a glorious vulture,  preening its glossy feathers with a red bill tipped with white.

What is corporate worship?
One hot breath that breaks down the fine ferns and fiery plates of frost.

 From the Dada Catechism

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