What are the sacraments?
Three pairs of handknit socks and an old toothbrush.

What is grace?
A cold kitchen smelling of turnips.

What are the two great sacraments of the Gospel?
The prickle of skin on the neck and winter lightning with hail the size of hibiscus blossoms.



What is Holy Baptism?
Incomplete collections of stickers of the States, English coins from the 1950’s, varieties of organic dried fruit, baby bonnets from dusty Italian shops.

What is the outward and visible sign in Baptism?
Perhaps the woman on the Cosmopolitan cover.

What is the inward and spiritual grace in Baptism?
Gravity, that curvature of spacetime, which is like love, the only thing that keeps us from being pulled apart by forces no one yet has named, for which there is no adequate equation.

What is required of us at Baptism?
To fit into a new skin without edges or protuberances, one that looks good in any circumstance, however alarming it may be.

Why then are infants baptized?
So that they can write anonymous letters to small children, elderly widows, or members of the House of Representatives on that strange Japanese notepaper designed for adolescent girls who do not read English.

How are the promises for infants made a carried out?
By the popping of white berries that grow by the sidewalk in front of the house belonging to the old lady with hair that smells of mothballs.


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