found in Insects Through the Seasons, by Gilbert Waldbauer

A male cecropia minutes
after escaping from his cocoon
A pair of cecropias mating
Honey bees inadvertently
pollinating mint blossoms as they forage for nectar
Vedalia beetles attacking cottony cushion scales
A newly molted dog day
cicada sitting above its nymphal skin
A male queen butterfly showering
a female’s antennae with an aphrodisiac dust
Male rhinoceros
beetles fighting over a female
Dragonflies copulating
A parasitic ichneumonid drilling
through wood to reach the sawfly
larva in which she will lay an egg
A female scarab beetle rolling a ball of dung
A worker bumble bee gathering pollen from a black-eyed Susan
A hover fly closely mimicking a yellowjacket wasp
An attacking blue
jay is startled by an io moth
A minor worker of the leaf-
cutter ant defending larger, leaf-
carrying worker from attack
A mantispid striking at a house fly
A hungry praying mantis striking at a small butterfly
A sphinx moth probing for nectar in the flower of a trumpet creeper
A nymphal dragonfly using its prehensile
lower lip to snatch a small fish
A cluster of southward-migrating monarchs resting on a branch
Weaver ants pulling two leaves together
A pileated woodpecker exposing
a large beetle grub under the bark of a tree
A white-footed
mouse chewing a hole in a polyphemus cocoon

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