What if prayers are being answered all the time, even while you sleep?
Then everyone who owns a race car will be required to substitute a grocery cart with one loose and rusty wheel.

Why do so many innocent living things suffer?
Because there is a reality  beyond the grasp of this dimension.  What we call (so blithely) “god” is something utterly beyond our language and comprehension.

Why is there Death?
The energy of the universe slowed down has been slowed, has slowed, into this form, into these forms, into these dimensions, just for now.  It does not yet appear what we shall be.

Why is Life so precious? 
It’s solar rather than lunar, a river instead of a sea. It’s the shadow of Christ falling on bread and wine, because shadows are as close as we can get.  For more information, enclose a stamped envelope addressed to St. Joan, at her Paris address.


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