Occupy the World.

Start with the body.
Root your feet.
You are the same as trees,
the stuff of dust,
a universe of water,
no one yet can name.

Breathe this air.
It is not yours.
Passed through bromeliads,
stromatolites, tyrannosaurs–
through all the gills
and pores and lungs
of life–pass it on.

Open your hands,
marvel of primate finger,
clapping palm.  Point
at what you love,
draw it close.
Pat it gently on the back.

Find your voice.
Join whales,
elephants, the yapping
dogs.  In every pond
the frogs complain.
Desperate birds
are calling from
every branch.

Occupy the World.

One comment on “OCCUPY THE WORLD

  1. erieffel says:

    A wise occupation. I was reminded of the Mark Strand poem “Keeping Things Whole,” in an interesting way. Your poem is the opposite of his, in some regards… Also: Have you considered posting it at occupywriters.com?

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