Flurry on Mount Abraham, sunlight on Hogback.
Broken blue clouds, edged with orange and white.
Brown plowed fields, commas  of crusted snow.
Fields of amber stubble, splashed with pools of ice.

Pavement, pavement, pavement, pavement
wrinkled, cracked, pocked like an old man’s face.
Stones, roots, fallen branches, empty cans.
Salt and gravel behind the Town Garage.
Houses, barns, mailboxes, tractors, cars.
Teasel, goldenrod, burdock, cow parsnip
–brittle skeletons verge the frozen lawns.

Gray dogwood, gray dogwood, gray dogwood.
White ash, red oak, young elm, grape vine, red osier,
buckthorn, green ash,  hardhack, sumac, red cedar.
On the hills and ridges, hemlock, maple, popple, pine.
Bitter wetlands, old glacial seeps–their sedges,
cattails, cattails, phragmites, loosestrife, cattails.

Two gray squirrels. Five crows.
Starlings and sparrows.  Empty broken nests.
Four deer crossing from forest to field.
Jim’s two horses standing by the gate.
Luke’s black cows.
Donna’s barn half full of hay.
Joe’s silver pond–a fallen crescent moon.

2 comments on “REPORT: JANUARY

  1. erieffel says:

    exquisite. i love the cadence of the language here, the repetition (huzzah anaphora!), the mixture of natural and human. images distant enough for perspective, but close enough for visual caress. thanks for the report.

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