~found in rehearsals of the singing group Encanto

No humming till smite.
Notice the relationship
between your first tweet and your last tweet.
Your lay will line up with their gah.
Important that your gulegs don’t line up.

Basses having trouble with your diddle,
the three is hiding in the diddle.
Dotted suckers are one, two, three.

You move on train, and more quickly to your train.
The important thing to get on the nose is train.
Line up your all with their train.
Now the train is being rushed.

Let words be a substitute for doo-doos.
Switching from doo-doos
to serenading the moon is tricky.
When we get to serenading the moon
we can come back up.
If you’re still in your head, it’s shaky.
Green with spring is a riot–
let’s see if we can get your lonely flight feeling good.

Hold the lamb till they move to God.
Look at each other before your God.

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