Odd, this snowless, open winter,
strange, this easy, hazy warmth–
though I try, I can’t remember
such a winter.  Has the Earth

so changed?  I’m lonely for the cold;
I miss the shoveling, snowdrifts, ice,
threat of blizzard, slicked down highway,
thawing frozen hands and face.

And is this why sometimes we suffer–
why we need some tears and pain?
If we never know the winter
green Spring cannot come again.

2 comments on “SOLASTALGIA

  1. Lori DiNardi says:

    Good poem, and I so can relate. I have sunshine just about every day. I long for rain and cooler days like I used to have when I lived up north. Thanks for sharing. I wrote a poem something similar on my blog a while back.

  2. Robin Shalline says:

    I’ve always wondered if I could live in a place without distinct seasons. Would I appreciate spring the way I do after a long, cold, snowy winter? I too feel a sense of disequalibrium. A sense that things are not right.

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