1.  The Fisherman and his Wife

The way you can walk is fantasy.
The name you can speak is make-believe.

Whatever makes you think
you can know what’s real?

To find it, you must have no wishes,
but every one knows
that wishing makes dreams come true.

The Fisherman’s Wife wanted to be God,
and even what she was was taken away.

The magical fish still waits
in the deepest trench of the sea.

2.  Snow White:  The Wicked Queen

Wishing to be fairest, she made ugliness,
for beauty, she made poison.

Without ugliness, no beauty,
without violence, nothing gentle.
Without the dwarves, no one is tall.
Without the Queen, there is no tale.

There was nothing she could do but refuse,
and refusing, she came to nothing.

5. The Sweet Porridge

Heaven and Earth don’t care about you.
They act like a pot filling the world with porridge.
Even if you can make it stop,
you’ll never eat your way through.

8. Godfather Death

Death is like water:
treating all alike,
settling in the lowest places.

To resist is useless:
every candle comes to its end.

In the end all stone is sand,
all sand is stone.

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