Nineteen shot and still
they come.  Thirty-five
carried across the river–

no noticeable difference
in number.

More than an angel
could count.

Tender seedlings ripped
and tossed aside.
Tell me again

about the oneness
of all beings,
about angels

who hover over
every living thing,

But don’t forget:
even devils
may appear benign.

Note:  I did not shoot or transport them.  Two neighbors did that with the ones in their gardens.  I know better.

May 2012

2 comments on “THEOLOGY

  1. erieffel says:

    There is also a Kabbalistic teaching about how the consumption of a fruit is a mitzvah, in that it releases the divine spark bound within, and allows for renewal and rebirth…I hope the chipmunks aren’t letting too many sparks fly. Voles are our devils, around here. I pressed in to plant a bean today, and my thumb just kept going and going into a vast hollow under the bed…

    • Ah, renewal and rebirth! That would explain the multiplicity of them. I do sort of “like” them, sometimes, but it breaks my heart the way they dig up little seedlings, and uproot little seedlings. We have voles, too, but our soil is so heavy that they only tunnel along the surface of the grass.


      It is with my voice that the universe speaks, and the word I hear it speak when I listen is myself. Being is praise.

      ~U.K. LeGuin

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