After Ella Warner Fisher


Mop, mend, make pies, bathe the children.
A burden to be unequally yoked.
Dig up a lily and plant it in the yard.
Every day subject to the same blight.
A beautiful day, long to be remembered.
Henry cleans harness in the kitchen.
All attend service but Helen and Grace.
War bread, two meatless meals.
Tuttle takes down the stove.
Mend the stockings.  Make mince pies.
Henry carries Grace to her school.
Terrible fighting in France.
Ruth and I kill and dress two hens.
Dreaming among my poems.
Sick headache.  Go down street.
Anna receives a silver spoon.
My boy, my poor boy!
They of the few, the tried and true.
Gertrude has mumps.  Mop and mend.
Benjamin and Tuttle bring the body home.
Rain.  The white washing piled in chairs,
stark as so many ghosts.

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