My touch turned your flesh to gold,
I traded you to the beast for a stolen thing.
I turned my back while your life unwound,
seized you and carried you
to the darkness underground
where at last you learned to sing.

I took all the beauty you could find.
I gave you everything you need.
I made you sleep,  I made you bleed.
You shattered my mirror.
There are no cobwebs in the sky.
A path of crumbs will never lead you home.

I split open the wolf,
found your shoe and broke the wall.
I gazed at you through greening leaves.
For you I cut the heart from the doe.
I went down in the deep brown water,
to bring back your golden ball.

My tree bears silver apples.
My baby patters in piles of golden straw.
I carried the fire-filled skull.
I hung alone above the abyss.
My castle is open and filled with light.
I made a way to the center of the night.

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