We will meet at dawn,
at the corner in front of the music store.
Dress warmly, even if it isn’t cold.
Wear strong shoes. Bring
a thesaurus, a pocketful
of small stones, a sandwich with
no mayonnaise or radishes.
Do not wear a wristwatch;
a pocket watch is okay.
You will not need a water bottle,
or matches, or cupcakes.
Please remember not
to bring a notebook.
If you forget, it will be
confiscated and not returned.
All transportation will be
provided, but you will be expected
to tip the chimney sweep.
Ten percent should be plenty.
Expect porta-potties but no phone service.
You will be allowed to feed
the bears, but giving money
to the mimes is strongly discouraged.
We will return to the corner
promptly at midnight.  There should be
someone you trust waiting for you.
I do hope you can come.


2 comments on “PROMPT #11: INVITATION

  1. Wendy Grace says:

    If you see a chimney sweep, grab a button, make a wish and hold on until you see a four-legged creature. I’d go with you, but the lack of cupcakes is a deal breaker…unless you’re bringing them.

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