You hunger, I laugh.
You yearn, I tease.
I am
every wild surprise.
Without me, no mistletoe,
no fire.
No tilt, no slip,
no storm, no moon.
I pushed the sky aside–
now you can
I slithered, whispered
from the tree so you
would eat the bitter fruit.
My name isn’t
the real name.
Follow me to nowhere.
When you meet me,
kill me
and I’ll grow leaves.
I caught the fleece,
emptied the cauldron,
threw the apple, made
you eat your sons.
I stole the beauty on the roof.
I murdered
my daughter and wept.
I grew horns and made
you drink the gold.
I cracked the rules, flipped
the tables, made you
drink my blood.
I disappeared.
For good.


I have been fascinated with the Trickster character for years.  This is one attempt at writing about it.

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