~for Carol and Company
and the people who are The Town Hall Theater

Before the town wakes up, before the sun
lights the steeples, the towers, the sleeping
houses, before the morning creeps down
the theater steps, the silent women
slip from the shadows. Grandmothers, virgins, students,
mothers carrying babies on their backs–
people working to keep the world alive–
art in every school, song in every house–
poetry, sculpture, opera, dance–
without speaking they uncover pianos
veiled in blue, pianos on every corner
of the street, painted pianos waiting
for the great heart to open,
waiting for someone to start the music.


In Middlebury, Vermont, near where I live, the Town Hall Theater is celebrating its fifth birthday. There are wonderful painted pianos all over town, set up so that people can play them. My friend Carol helps to cover and uncover them, and was joined early one morning by a group of students. 

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