~for J.B.

The hardest rain of the season–
great thick panes of water
sheeting from shopfront awnings–
we were standing on the corner
as we do every Saturday
with our homemade pasteboard signs

and you came
out of the book store
in your snazzy short skirt and tights,
your black leather jacket,
that great haircut,
and an impossible
a joke umbrella,
scrap of tattered pink and green
on broken ribs,
an umbrella
to make Charlie Chaplin proud–

carried over your head
in all seriousness, as if
somehow it would keep
you dry–not unlike
the words
we were holding
up against the endless
this inundation washing away
truth’s last
this epic soaking that never stops,
this hurricanic
Gilgameshic flood.



Nov. 1, 2006
Published in Hazmat Review, in 2010. Interestingly, it was their last issue.


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