RUNAGATES: On Translation

RUNAGATES: On Translation

He is the God that …letteth the runagates continue in scarceness.

~Psalm 68:6, Coverdale’s translation


Runagate is a wonderful word.


Rebel is a mere ho-hum.


Renegades just storm around

waving ther six-guns,

and rebels build barricades

in the streets and die pro patria.

But a runagate charges

at the closed openings,

batters against locks and bars

and when no entry can be found,

runs around searching

for a kitchen door ajar,

a window left unlatched,

a crack somewhere

in the defense, a careless ladder

leaning against a wall.


are not beloved by the gods of order

who do nothing to encourage them.

But scarceness never troubles

runagates, who can live on locusts

and wild honey, two fishes,

bread from stone.


The long dash is where I want a long space. WordPress won’t let me make one, even if I use Word. Go figure.


Jan. 21, 2015

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