April Prompts: Number One

I am one of the Spring St. Poets. We decided this year that each of us would try to write a poem every day during April–Poetry Month. Each of us came up with five prompts, for a total of 30. I’m picking one out of a little box every day, at random. I shall  post a poem every day that I manage to do this. The quality of the poems will be more uneven than usual.  Here’s the first one.



a glaring omission


I didn’t. I forgot.

How could I? you ask,

when it all depends on me.


It was easy.

I got lost in the forest–

the chickadees pipping and pairing,

ravens dancing over my head.

Popple buds are swelling. Really.

Have you noticed? Everything

is ready to open as soon as the sun

is just right The moss is shaking

off the snow. The woodpeckers

are drumming.

So I forgot.

It never even entered my mind.


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