April Prompts: Number 10

April Prompts: Number 10

Kari #4:  Something microscopic




Stems with branches simple or forked,

spreading or crowned.

Close-clung leaves in all their forms,

midribbed or not, toothed or not,

ribbed, folded or bordered.

Capsules in all their varieties:

hooded, lidded, puckered, reflexed.

No root, no flower, no seed,

some puff spores on breaths of breeze,

some make nests of eggs

to splash and hatch in place,

some brood branches break.

Drip water on dry moss

and watch the leaves unfold,

stems swell and sway.


As if that weren’t enough,

one late winter day, I watched

a scrap pulled from a rotting log

waken and fill with wet.

Oval mid-ribbed leaves

tight set. And as the leaves

unfurled, a tiny fly crawled

through my field of view:

one square inch, its world.

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