April Prompts #19

I spent more time on this one than any so far and it’s hopeless.

I had dates for lunch


Janet’s #2:  something to do with dates

April Fool, Hugh of Grenoble

Peanut Butter and Jelly,  Egypt’s St. Mary

Weed Out Hate,  St. Agape

Tangible Karma, Peter of Poitiers

Plum Pudding for Derferl-Gadarn

Sixtus is playing at Smingus Dyngus

Calliopus is eating his Taters

Did Redemptus read Snailpapers?

Could Hedda Draw a Bird?

Would Malchus care about Jenkins Ear?

Did Domnio need a Safety Pin

or Vissia make Slow Art?

Walk on Your Wild Side with good John Lookwood

Play Scrabble with Peter Gonzalez

Find Bebnuda in the Dictionary

Give Encratia a High Five

17Did Wando really Appreciate Bats?

18Wicterp surely appreciated Linemen

19 and Ursmar thrived on Garlic

20 but Marcian never spoke in Chinese

21 Arator was not a friend of the Queen

22Earth Day and Abdiesus or Opportuna?

23Talk Like Shakespeare or Adalbert of Prague

24Hairball Awareness — Bresica sounds a little like a cat cough—

25Go Birding–Macaille or Mella

26Help a Horse Day–Trudpert

27Morse Code Day–Enoder the Uncoder

28Safety and Health at Work


30Poem in Your Pocket–Aphrodius patron of Vinedressers

Donatus of Evorea d. 4th century Greek writers praised him

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