April Prompt #20


David’s #2:  A Sea Chantey

How wise we are!

Though the sky be dark and the voyage be long,

Yet we never can think we were rash or wrong,

While round in our Sieve we spin!

  ~Edward Lear, “The Jumblies”


That’s what it is, isn’t it?

A-sea in a sieve, spinning around

under a dark sky. Who knows where

we’re going. No compass, no wheel,

no sail. Will we pass Easter on the back

of a whale? Will we reach the Isle of the Blessed?


Or is that where we’ve been all along?

Morning came again, and spring.

Does it matter where?

How wise we are!


Walking this morning, in the rain,

I watched an old man in the wrong lane

on the crest of a hill, driving steady, heading south.

I called the Sheriff. What else could I do? I’m not ready

for anything, even the black-haired baby who sailed in on

Thursday, at dawn, as oarless as his Nan.

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