April Prompts: #21


Janice’s #5:  Whose fairy tale is this?




Once upon a time there was a father

who bought a dozen yellow pears,

one for each of his children.


The eldest daughter found the sack

of pears and they were so ripe and good

that she took one and ate it all up.


After supper, the father took pears

from the sack and gave them

to his children, starting with the eldest.


She took that pear

and ate it before her father knew

there was one pear missing.


There was no pear left

for the youngest child,

and the father did not understand.


The youngest child

went to bed crying

because she had no pear.


The next morning, the eldest daughter

was tending the geese in the long grass

behind the row of gray houses


and she saw God

sitting on the roof of the rootcellar.

God was watching her.


She heard the jackdaws

calling their judgement

in their harsh voices.


She smelled the sulfur smell

of the smoke from the chimneys

of the factory and the houses.


When her father came home

from the factory, she confessed.

Her father wept. Because


his daughter had seen the judgement

of God, he did not punish her.

But always, she remembered his weeping.

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