I’ve found the ultimate source for Found Poems.


Kari #2:  found words


~Found in the Reviews section of ARTnews, February, 2014

A meditation on the nature of time,

morphing gradually from one mode

to another without giving up its own past.

The way time can never be absolute,

ordering the mundane details of existence.

A new spiritual age is on the horizon

using a variety of intermingled tongues,

seven pedestrians with peculiar gaits,

human beings resting atop ethereal pods

that resemble clouds or stylized islands.

The figure eight on its side is the symbol

for infinity, resounding with existential

wisdom and enduring hope. Celebratory,

yet born of a certain solemnity.  Curious,

but nevertheless arresting.

A fixation with axolotls and subsequent

metamorphosis:  uncanny and matter-of-fact,

premeditated and spontaneous.

A sense of déjà vu, largely sardonic.

Mouths took over entire heads.

The beyond is a titillating, prurient

world of masks, the unlikely oddly askew.

Race, culture, the unreliability of signs

can downshift into impiety like

an extra-large, cold-weather onesie.

(This could go on infinitely.)

One comment on “APRIL PROMPTS Number 22

  1. For some reason when I changed the header, WordPress deleted the stanza format and won’t let me put it back. Grrr.

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