I dreamed I was falling in love. I was

young again. We sat on stones and talked about

mountains, and opera and our favorite

newspapers. It seemed to us that at last

this was the real thing. I woke up early,

happy. One of the cats was on my chest,

one at my feet. My husband and the dog

were snoring, like they do. The room was cold

but the blankets were watm. It’s autumn finally,

after a long spell of sun and dust and blue.

The rains came and washed away the ash trees’

amber. Before long, only the bones will show.

This is how time drops away, how the peace

you once longed for at last comes to pass.


October 1, 2015

One comment on “OCTOBER

  1. erieffel says:

    This one is especially lovely. The line breaks are very effective, and of course, the imagery.

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