. . .the ruler of the feast . .tasted the water that was made wine, 

and knew not whence it was; 

(but the servants which drew the water knew.). . .

 ~John 2:9

They fed the oxen,

plowed the fields,

planted the barley,

pulled the weeds,

gathered into barns.

They winnowed the grain

and ground the grain

and baked the bread.

They planted the vinyard.

They pruned and picked

and turned the press.

They tended the lambs

and skinned and gutted

and roasted them.

They scrubbed the floors

and arranged the cushions.

They filled the platters

with herbs and olives and dates.

They washed the feet.

They waited on tables.

They drew the water.

They filled the jars.

To the brim.

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