April Prompt #2

April Prompt #2


Mary’s #5


The way they forget to

I mean you’d think

that someone would have taught

who runs the place now anyway?

If we don’t make it compulsory

or at least certify

but then there’s “local control”

which nobody has anyhow

some damned leftover from what?

So what gets to me, is you walk

down the street and there it is

all the time, everywhere

right in plain sight. And once

even in a school. I mean, a  SCHOOL,

really. I’m not kidding. I wish

I were. Since it was a blackboard,

I could fix it. And somebody

thanked me, which was nice.

One more example of how

nobody cares. Sloppy thinking.

The end of civilization.

It has nothing at all to do

with inclusion, by the way,

or anything like that. I hate

it when people use that excuse.

If you think we have rule’s,

just look at, say, the Japanese.

What’s the point? Don’t even

get me started about

texting God knows where

and Thank You For Having Me.

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