April Prompt #11

April Prompt #11


David’s #3

Every thing taught to me to do.

There are adjectives for people who don’t:

shiftless, selfish, irresponsible.

In my circle, too,

despite Martha’s sister, unChristian.



A friend to all and a sister

to every other Girl Scout.

I tried.


*  *  *  *  *


These days, I say No.

Reach in.

I walk alone for miles,

sit in my house with a book,

or in the meadow with nothing

but thoughts and birds,

or in this café

with my notebook and pen.


How introverted.

How lazy.

How unlike Mother

and the people

she so admired.

How unVermontish.

How useless.

3 comments on “April Prompt #11

  1. No, not useless! I ‘get’ this and I really like this poem, in part because it’s Mary-as-she-is-now, and how she got here through all the voices, and so how perfect. Often being true to who we are is the hardest work there is, and that’s quite Vermontish. I really do like this one – I think it’s one of your best.

  2. Thank you. Being a contemplative in a very, very active world is a bit of a challenge (isn’t it?)!

  3. Carol says:

    Mary, I feel the ‘you’ in this poem. Being one’s self in this world can be challenging. Just embrace who you are. An intelligent caring woman whom I admire.

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