April prompt #18

April prompt #18


(with the possible exception of me and my friends)

Janet’s #2


As if the only reality is the car—

plastic and metal and fire

stealing air, breathing smoke,

machinery eating the sky.


As if there were no trees or stones,

no houses or gardens or barns,

no snow, no rain,

no mountains or moons.


As if that strange creature Time

could be warped by speeds

much less than the speed of Light.


As if all that matters is desire.


As if the fragile bones and skins and bloods

of squirrels and birds and deer and cats

and possums and skunks and porcupines

and raccoons are nothing but easy offerings.


As if every other way of moving is

suspect, self-righteous, inconvenient,

tedious, ridiculous,



As if the road were not a way,

a passage,

a present

between two doors.

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