April prompt #20

April prompt #20


Kari’s #1

If you’re wise,

you’ll say no.


I sleep with five white cats.

I rise before dawn,

sit on the front step

with my thick black coffee

to watch the sun rise—

even in the snow,

even in the rain.


My hands are awkward

and big, my hipbones

are sharp. My feet

are always cold.

These jeans are

the only pants I need,

but I have two hats.


All summer I eat greens.

All winter, roots.

I keep my garden

clean and wild.


My house

smells of cabbage,

and cats,

and sourdough bread.


Before bed

I circle the house,

singing any hymn

that comes to mind.


I always leave

a window open

for the birds.


I like people until

they stay too long

or talk too much.


I write a poem

every single day.

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