April prompt #21


David’s #6

There was nothing she could do, but there was always the next thing to be done.

~Ursula K. LeGuin, in Tehanu


So many trees across the path.

Weeds in the garden.

A stone in my shoe.

The neighbor’s dog

while she’s in New York.

The mouse under the piano.

Those people in Burundi,

the others in their crowded boats.

The dishes in the sink.

Houseplants, catboxes.

What’s happening

to the ground beneath my feet.

The telephone again.

The way the wind

carries maple pollen.

My brother’s ransom.

Laundry on the line.

The size of my footprint.

Too many cookbooks.

Fresh nettles in the meadow.

Three white shirts.

A cracked windshield.

Five birthday cards.

The false importance

of money. The inevitability

of death. If you don’t do

something about it, I will.

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