The Cheap Hotel #2: April Prompt revisited

The Cheap Hotel #2

Pets are welcome.

Guests may not use grills 

or work on vehicles in the parking lot.

~”Information for guests”       

The car stinks of unwashed clothes,

the remains of camping food.

After all day in turnpike traffic,

all we want is beer and sleep.


Two ATV rigs in the lot,

a pickup full of road crew,

a guy sitting on the curb shouting into his phone,

a posse straddling their Harleys.


Will somebody steal our stuff? 

When I try to open the door of the wrong room

because I got the wrong number, the woman

who answers clearly thinks I look as if I might.


We microwave a pouch of bad curry.

The television doesn’t work, but the shower does.

We’ve found our place.

We fit right in.


~an old one


Walking in the woods

always birds

often deer

often coyote

once turning a corner

face to face with a fox

equally surprised

once moose tracks


What am I looking for?

monkeys swinging in a branch of pine

seals basking on the old beaver dam

flamingos wading through cattails

or like in a story I read once upon a time

a little door low down in a tree

the golden key in my pocket