4 comments on “September 29

  1. Christine Moore says:

    Beautiful. I have yet to face the loss of my mother, and I think of that eventuality every time I am able to call her for a recipe tip. Every time I hear her on the other end of the phone, I try to remind myself that one day, I won’t have that joy. And I try to soak up every moment.

    • There’s nothing quite like it. When my mother died, a friend said to me, “This is huge.” It was the most helpful thing anyone said, and it’s what I say now to friends facing that. It’s huge.


    • Kathy Rouleau says:

      It’s interesting that you mention recipe tips, as I find those among the things I miss most about my Mom. Although I knew I loved all that she’d taught me about cooking I didn’t know how that would connect me to her all these years later. Hope you’re getting all those recipes written down.

  2. Sue L says:

    After 55
    years it’s still huge. There’s something about this time of year that brings her to mind more often than usual and i sense her presence even after all of this time.

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