These are not about imaginary paintings, but very real and wonderful photographs by Victoria Blewer



After Victoria Blewer’s “On the Lookout”


There is a world

that is not 

yours. In the dark

tree, the crow 

holds layers.

She does not 


to you.

Every thing

is the universe’s 


Once you see—




Night Birds

After Victoria Blewer


The owl keeps asking

if I’m awake. All winter

I have not been

awake, or asleep.


A winter of—not

discontent, nothing

with that bloody edge—

but of something flat


and gray, of something

like despair.  The crows

don’t ask. They

do not care.


In the trees, bare

or not, under the sky,

starred or not,

they sit while my world


sleeps. Or not.

And when I wake

in my darkness

and remember,


this is a kind 

of comfort,

a kind of



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