Last winter, they surrounded me, circled

my head, sat on the bedposts, 


nested in the mailbox, ate all the onions 

in my garden. They sang through my sleep,


their sweet trillings and warblings

coloring my dreams.  I wore their cast-off 


feathers in my hair, lined my boots

with their fur. Where are they now?


Did the angel who keeps the flower bed

decide I’d had them long enough?


Oh, send me an owl! 

Just one would do—


one dark-eyed barred owl

to sit in the ash tree across the way,


just one owl in the ash tree.

Please make everything all right again.


2 comments on “WHERE ARE THE OWLS?

  1. Christine Lee Moore says:

    Oh dear! Did your owls leave? I so rarely hear or see an owl, you must be sad indeed if you were lucky enough to have them and now they are gone.

  2. I have since seen a Barred Owl and heard the Great Horned Owls in the pine woods. But a couple of years ago, the owls were everywhere–landing on our clothesline, hanging out above the birdfeeder. Julie had a special Owl Bark, even. I suppose this year things are just normal!

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