We’ll sing her the birthday song

we’ve done it three times now

for that girl named after my mother,

with my mother’s profile.

Her blue eyes that stayed that way.

Feisty from the beginning—

sure of herself, surefooted, sure

of her wants. Monsters beware!

Disguised as one of them, she conquers. 

From the tops of trees  and towers she reigns.

2 comments on “BIRTHDAY

  1. Christine Lee Moore says:

    Oh my goodness, kindred spirit! Today is my daughter’s birthday. And while she wasn’t named after my mother, she was named after my grandmother. And feisty she is! This could have been written for her. Ah, the universe works in mysterious ways, indeed!

  2. I love it! Hard not to be there for the party–or for our grandson’s, which was two days ago.

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